Organisational structure

The Cancer Australia team is led by Chief Executive Officer, Professor Dorothy Keefe PSM, and provides in-house expertise and capacity across a number of areas to support its role and functions. 

Cancer Australia’s functions are logically grouped to support our leadership role and maximise the delivery of our varied and comprehensive programs and activities.

The organisation’s functions are as follows:

  • Knowledge Management:
    includes research, the Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme, clinical trials support, data and monitoring and evidence review
  • Service Development and Clinical Practice:
    includes CanNET, health professional education, evidence-based guidance materials, models of care and consumer programs
  • Cancer Care:
    includes breast, gynaecological  cancers; and Indigenous and rural
  • Health Promotion and Communication:
    includes health promotion, website, e-communications, corporate communications, media, production coordination
  • Corporate Affairs:
    includes human resources, contracts, partnerships, IT, clearinghouse
  • Policy, Strategy and Public Reporting
  • Finance and Compliance